Hello this is BEECH - the new hotel brand.

For those who put leisure time on their A-list.

BEECH the familiar forest glade where our guests can let their soul take roots in a safe environment. A stay at BEECH Hotel means: Falling in love with your wife again. Laughing without a reason. Beeing curious. Consciously listening to your favourite song. Looking forward to a warm towel after the shower. Huging an old friend or making a new one. Enjoying the sunset. And the sunrise.

Learning something new. Rediscovering something old. Watching people and discovering new people. Toasting with your new favorite drink. Letting time pass by. Enjoying the little things. The beauty of a wave or the view from the balcony. Listening to children’s laughter. Find out how contagious it can be. Shortly: Simply arrive again.


Our stage.
Our arena of inspiration.
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